Prada Marfa Adventure, totally worth it!


I'm sure you have all heard of, seen pictures of, and wondered about the Prada Installation in Marfa. Well the Bee's took a little detour and have the scoop.

After a long drive on TX Hwy 90 , and just when you feel like you have gotten lost and may appear in the next "Hills Have Eyes" movie the smallest little box appeared in the distance. 

Three Bee's and our photographer had arrived! The Prada installation. There she stood, adorable and totally Instagram worthy, just as we had imagined. We were armed and ready. Pink balloons, outfits, accessories, the works. Everything we needed for some total fashion hotness.

What we weren't expecting? The HEAT!! omgoodness, as our Bee's changed in the car we literally were could not get over the pure heat of summer blasting us in every direction. Marfa is hot ya'll. Of course, we visited in June, so duh right? Thankfully we were armed with water.

It's always a party when we are together!

What you need to know... plan a trip to photograph this spot at dusk or dawn, or even a very overcast day. The sun blasting in the afternoon made photos a bit more tricky. Also, be ready to share. There was a constant stream of vehicles stopping to capture their Instagram dream photo, as seen on the #PradaMarfa. 

 All in all it was FOR SURE worth the trip and made for some pretty incredible shots... and lots of laughs as we melted in the summer heat.

Featured looks- Tropical Hotness Two- Piece Set, Casually Plaid Dress, Oh Baby, Baby Top, Bamboo Handbag, Clear Backpack, White Fiesta Tassel Earrings, Jane Purple Earrings

ENJOY it!!


XOXO- Boss B